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About You

If you are coming to the Canterbury carpal tunnel clinic and have been asked to complete this questionnaire, please make sure you are registered on the site first.

The questionnaire should take about 20 minutes. The website will then calculate the probability that you have CTS, based on the answers you give. The initial assumption is of course that you are here because you have hand and/or arm symptoms and there is no point in proceeding unless you do have an upper limb problem. The evaluation of the answers is based upon data collected from some 5000 patients with CTS and other hand problems.

Most of the questions are in the questionnaire because we know that they help to distinguish between patients with CTS and patients with other disorders but a few questions are 'experimental' - we do not yet know if they are useful or not and will be looking at the answers in the future to see whether they contribute to diagnosis. Needless to say - if you want an accurate answer you need to answer the questions truthfully.

An explanation of the sort of questions included and the reasons for them can be found here

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