This page will be used to provide notice of late availability of appointments for nerve tests and for surgery, and any other 'news' items of only temporary interest. If you already have an appointment and you are hoping to have it brought forwards as a result of someone else cancelling or because we create a new operating list then please bookmark this page and check it every few days to see if we have anything available. If and when we do have anything you will then be able to message me through the Canterbury patient's forum to let me know you are interested.


On Tuesday night 15th October the site was compromised by a group of hackers trying to use it to distribute malicious code of some description. This has now been fixed and the site is safe again.


We are currently booking surgery routinely in primary care at Beltinge and Reculver surgery in Herne Bay only, and for about 6 weeks in advance. Spaces created by cancellations at present: none

Anyone able to fill these spaces should post a message in the forum.

Nerve Conduction Studies

Routine bookings for nerve conduction studies are currently being made about 3-4 weeks in advance to allow time for appointment letters to reach the patient and for the patients to make their arrangements to attend. This is a little longer than we would like primarily because of the number of clinics lost to bank holidays and staff holidays/conferences during April/May,  A few quicker appointments are usually available and tend to be filled by patients with whom we have been discussing their CTS either here on the forum or by telephone.

Revision date - 27th April 2014

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