Wrist splints going well.


Good Morning Dr's

I came to see you on 12th May 2014, James Wickenden (Web Designer)

The splints you gave me have worked at the moment, the first couple of weeks have been good and pain has decreased quick alot. The nights i have woken up and taken them off due to discomfort i have noticed the pains have returned in the morning or later in the day.
I will keep going with the splints and see how the long term works out. Unless you think otherwise.

Many thanks for your time

James Wickenden


it seems perfectly reaosnable to carry on with splints for a while. I don't think I would want to think of them as a permanent option so if we don't get to a stage where they can be left off without symptoms recurring I would start to think about other options but it's worth persevering for at least 6 weeks given an apprently good initial response. JB


Ok thank you will carry on and see how it goes.

cheers james

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