Post Surgery - Should I Work Through the Pain?


I had my op done on my right hand just under 2 weeks ago and having the stitches out tomorrow.

I am trying to get back to normal as getting frustrated not being able to do much.

My question as above - I get a knawing, grating pain in my wrist rather than anywhere near where the surgery took place - when I get this pain, should I ease off what I am doing or should I continue and ride it as it is all part of strengthening the wrist?

Hope you can advise.



My inclination would be to not push it too hard if it hurts. If the surgeon who did the op or their team are taking the stitches out then you should have a chance to discuss it with them then. If they have left it to your GP surgery to remove stitches then at least the staff there can have a look at the wound and see if there is any evidence of inflammation. Most cases would be fairly confortable by two weeks post-op so if it persists then a review by the operating surgeon is probably appropriate. JB


I was told I could return to work after 2 weeks which was completely unrealistic for my job. Obviously everyone will recover differently but I found that the biggest weeks for my recovery were weeks 2 and 5. It is really not worth pushing recovery just take it easy and gradually it becomes easier. I was told if it is painful stop. I found that the surgeons were unrealistic as to recovery although they did a great job! The nurse practitioners at my unit gave the best advice and were more practical.

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