After injections


Dear Dr Bland It is just over a week since I had my injections so just updating progress. The actual injections were painless, wrists ached for two days afterwards. The injections have not stopped the pins and needles sensation in either hand although I would say it is not as accute as it was before injections. Since the injections I have not had any pain in either arm at night previously this was keeping me awake and I was having to take painkillers. So over all apart from the pins and needles there has been some improvement. One thing I will mention although not sure if it is connected to the injections, when I am driving the hand I change gear with now gets like a spasm with a quick electric shock type pain. This never happened prior to the injections and fortunately it is not all the time as it is not pleasent. Kind regards Angela Wraight.

Dear Dr Bland

Referring to my previous post when I say pins and needles more specifically that means pins and needles and numbness in both hands including thumb and three fingers but excluding little finger. This is on both hands. Sorry taking it for granted you would know this but of course every patients symptoms are different.

Kind regards

Angela Wraight.


As you can see I've tidied up those two postings into one.  So far that sounds like a partial response to injection. The lightning like spasms in the hand are a not uncommon symptom in CTS at any time, though overall I seem to hear this story from patients slightly more often after it has been treated by either injection or surgery. I would plan to wait until our usual 6 week follow-up point before reaching a final verdict on the response but feel free to post as often as you like on here - we don't mind weekly updates. JB

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