Worsening symptoms

Hi there, for the past couple of months I've had increased numbness in my right hand, usually in the morning, but then fading throughout the day. For the past couple of weeks though, I've had more persistent numbness/tingling at night, in the morning and during the day when I'm doing routine activities.
I would like to see if I could have an injection in my right wrist. My first injection in that wrist was over a year ago.
Many thanks,
Mary Stringer


Curiously I have no record if us arranging an injection. Last time I saw you in December your symptoms were in remission so I am assuming that your GP arranged an injection before that sometime. It could certainly be repeated. If you think the symptoms feel worse than they were in December then it would probably also be a good idea for us to test again and see if there has been any objective deterioration too. We will send out an appointment. JB

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