after check up


Dear Dr Bland,

Thank you once again for your time to see me and for the new testing last month.
I know the results seemed within normal parameters, but I was wondering if it is at all possible to get tingling when using laptop or driving from CP even if the tests show no nerve damage. Have you encountered this before? Occasionally there is some wrist pain too.

Since the last injections (which helped every time) few years ago I used splints every night and tried really hard to look after my hands, maybe that is why the nerve conduction study came out ok.

I don't wish to overreact, but as a wheelchair user, I rely solely on my hands and I worry about it.

Many thanks.


It is possible to tingling from CTS anytime, even if you have normal test results, but using a laptop is not a typical precipitant. I think at present there is clearly no danger of irreversible nerve damage, so you don't need to worry too much about the wheelchair, and that there is also a possibility that some of these symptoms originate in the neck rather than than the wrist. JB

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