A. Head

Hello Dr. Bland,
You may be able to tell that I'm not good with computers having sent you a blank message!!
Since I last saw you I believe in June, I haven't had another injection as I decided against it. I haven't had many symptoms luckily since the problem caused by my using crutches. All I have had recently is a few odd nights waking with a numb hand which to be honest is not really a problem. There is still some loss of grip but the pain I experienced before seems to have been cured at present from the last injection. Hopefully this will last and will keep you updated. If you feel that I should do anything differently I hope you will let me know.
Thanking you, Anne Head


I've deleted the blank! As long as it feels as though it is improving I think it is perfectly reasonable not to treat further. Just let me know if it becomes a problem again. JB

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