Symptoms Returning - further injections

Caz A

Hi Dr Bland,
On 1st May this year I had both wrists injected by Emma following which I suffered no pins & needles in either wrist until 3 weeks ago. Since then, the symptoms have been getting progressively worse until now when they wake me several times a night. I have not worn splints purposely as I'm due to see Kamal next Tuesday at 11am for re testing under the trial. When I come to see you as part of that appointment, would it be possible to have repeat injections please?
Many thanks, Caroline


I will be here on Tuesday so after you have had the tests, if needed, you can have repeat injections. I have just checked with Kamal and he does not mind if you have worn the splints or not and therefore if you do find them helpful I suggest you resume splint wear at night. EK

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