steriod injections

nigel watson

I have suffered from CTS for over 20 years although not badly at first.I attended the clinic at Kent and Canterbury in September and was given wrist splints, I have used these each night and have found them 75% usefull.
On the 3rd of November I had steriod injection in both wrists with little pain,just a dull ache for most of the day.That night I still used my wrist splints and had no pain in my hands at all ( my first full night sleep).
It is only day three and my hand feel more comfortable all the time. Neither hand has gone completely numb which was the case every day before the injections. I do still have a mild tingle in the middle finger on each hand but this is bearable and the electric shocks 0n my left hand have not happened since the 3rd.
This a am putting on the forum for no other reason than information on my condition for the Doctor at K&CH.



Thats really helpful information. Would you say that the cortisone shots helped your sleep quality? I am able to sleep through the night but without the splints, my sleep is dreadful. It's like my mind is waking up and my body is still asleep.



Thankyou - it helps to keep the balance in the forums here if some patients with good responses to treatment post rather than just those with problems. I'll leave this message here in the general forum but mostly you should leave messages for us in the Canterbury patients forum please. JB

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