Barrie Marsh

In January of this year I had my left hand operated on in Canterbury, average time 2.5Hr no problem at all great service the op went well back to work in two week. I struggled for the first week or two as I am engineer on heavy plant. In November I had my right hand done in a surgery in Herne Bay. in and out in under 1Hr brilliant, the op went well. Just had the stitches out 12/12/14 by local GP. due to the nature of my job I will not be returning to work until January 2015.I learnt my lesson by going back to early, I would like to say thanks to all of you who helped in both operation, and I can now sleep through the night without pain.

Many Thanks Barrie Marsh


Thankyou for the feedback. I'll move this to the Canterbury patients forum in a day or two though. JB

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