8 months post surgery


I had surgery for carpal tunnel 8 months ago and everything has been fine until just recently. I"m experiencing pain in the area of the surgery, more so when my hand is in a hanging down position. The pain is relieved when I lift my hand and hold it up. Initially, it was in my upper arm and spreading down but now seems to be concentrated in the wrist/base of the hand. Also when it is painful, the veins are hugely protuberant. I'd like to know if this is a condition others have experienced and if so, what have they been able to do to relieve it.


A variety of pains around the wrist are quite common after carpal tunnel surgery. It's hard to know what to make of the veins though - usually the superficial veins of the hand become quite prominent when the hand is allowed to hang down and this does not mean a lot. They also become more prominent when the hand is warmer and when you have been exercising the arm - all of which is physiological and normal.

I'll move this to the general CTS forum in a day or two where people are more likely to see it. JB

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