Help Please


Hi I am going to my first visit to Canterbury on the 15th June for Nerve Conduction Studies for Suspected carpal tunnel syndrome and was just wondering what to suspect please also my doctor has not given me any splints to where will i get them there as i think they would help i bought just a wrist strap from boots but it just material with a Velcro strap so doesn't help much should i request ones from my GP or wait. my numbness and tingling and pain is driving me mad im having trouble typing this it has been waking me up four five times a night i already take 60mg of morphine a day for my back and these hands are still driving me mad i have even felt like sawing both my hands off to make it stop.


Sorry it's not a sooner appointment - it's a bad time of the year for the queue because we lose so many appointments to bank holidays. You can find illustrations of the kind of splint you need in the splinting page. They can be bought in larger chemists and ordered online from places like Amazon. We will measure the speed at which your nerves conduct through the carpal tunnel and perhaps take a look at the nerves with the ultrasound scanner, though we don't do this in all cases, at least not yet. If your GP has asked us to see and treat you we can also provide splints, carry out steroid injections, and book surgery on the spot - but in your case it seems that the referral comes from a rheumatologist rather than from your GP so we will have no authority to arrange treatment I'm afraid. We can talk about the adminsitrative complexities and etiquette on the day though. JB

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