CTS after wrist fracture


I had a fall and fractured my distal radius nine weeks ago. Non-displaced fracture - plaster cast four weeks then as advised I wore a splint at night for the first week. The following week I woke with numbness in middle two fingers and since then the CTS symptoms have steadily worsened with pain and more widespread nighttime numbness despite wearing a splint. (I'm 62 and had some osteoarthritis in hands and wrists before the injury but that is apparently not very serious. I do have noticeable atrophy of my thumb muscle and lots of tenderness in the base of thumb joint since the injury). Now I'm finding that if I do very little with my right hand the symptoms reduce, but my wrist is so weak I'm trying to build up strength. I love swimming but that really worsens the CTS. I looked up exercises as I'm really keen on self help for my own health - anyone had a similar experience who could give me some encouragement?!


As usual I have to say get some nerve conduction studies done and find out how bad the nerve damage is - the development of thumb atrophy is worrying and raises the possibility that you could be at risk of irrversible nerve damage so get it looked at professionally. Whoever looked after your fracture should be the first port of call if possible. JB

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