return of symtoms

nigel watson

Dear Dr Bland, I came to you in October 2014 and subsequently had a steriod injection on the 3rd of November at a clinic just outside Ashford. The results were fantastic and all pain from my hands disappeared. However about a month ago the symptoms started to reappear and over the last week have returned with avengance. I am unable to sleep at night and i have a shooting pain in the middle finger of my left hand when a stroking motion is made.
My qustion is; can i arrange throught this forum to see you again for further steriod treatment or can i arrange this through the clinic i went to before.
Yours in hope Nigel Watson.


This forum is fine for now and I'll send out another appointment. I'll also move this to the Canterbury patients forum in a day or two. JB

Found a space later this month - appointment letter in the post. JB

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