To inject or wait


Thank you very much for this forum I had my right hand done earlier this year although I felt the improvement was about 70% at the time I was disappointed that some digits had remained numb, but its now been about 6 months and I have a definite improvement in the fingers. I have been contemplating injections in my left wrist because this one is nothing like the right one was but still very painful at times and aches most of the time, but I didn’t realize this was a temporary fix. It seems to me after reading the very useful information on this site that even at 1-2 it’s still worth surgery but should I wait for it to get worse? Will it defiantly get worse? I have had about the same level of pain for about a year. Splints don’t seem to make a difference. What to do is the question and the problem.


The left hand was much milder than the right and it is less clear that CTS is the main problem there so I would be inclined to inject that as a diagnsotic measure before contemplating surgery. If it shows a good response to injection in the short term that would suggest a better outloook for surgery even if injection proves to be a temporary solution JB

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