Post Surgery Usage



I am currently unable to do the gardening and any repetitive chores/activities as this brings on a CTS 'attack' which then takes weeks to calm down. I have moderate CTS in my left hand and of late due to undertaking too much lifting find my hand is mildly numb and goes number when driving. I am not sure whether to have the surgery and if I did would I be able to do repetitive chores/activities or will that bring the CTS back?


Provided that surgery is successful then you should be able to return to all activities that you wish to do with the hand. The overall chance of an outcome that good from surgery in ordinary NHS practice is about 75% with a very low risk of long term recurrence for most people. Long term recurrence rates are higher in people with very heavy manual ocupations and in patients on renal dialysis. The other 25% of patients have less good outcomes ranging from having residual symptoms which are still a significant nuisance, though better than before surgery, through to those who are actually worse off after surgery. The way in which it responds, temporarily, to steroid injection is often a good indicator of what you can expect form surgery, though not totally reliable. JB

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