New swelling 4 weeks post-op



Apologies if you've answered this before. I used the search function and read quite a few threads hoping to get a quick answer without bothering anyone but everyone seems to be talking about swelling which has been slow to go down post op which mine isn't

I had the operation, on my right CT, just under 4 weeks ago. Although I'm right handed, I work in computer software so I need flexibility but not loads of core strength in my hand and wrist. Consequently, despite my surgeon's sick note being for 4 weeks, my GP was happy to sign me back on for work from five days ago which was exactly 3 weeks post op. The nurse at the surgery was also happy with how the wound was healing

I was happy that things were improving on a daily basis during the week until yesterday. I woke up and my wrist was sore if i used it for even light tasks and the scar area was more sensitive than the previous day as well. I took some painkillers and assumed it was due to the wrist starting to be used again for typing, scribbling notes and a couple of short car drives during the first 3 days back.

This morning I woke up and it has swelled as well as the pain markedly increasing. It hasn't been this painful since a few days after the op and the wound is sensitive again too. The swelling is specifically the area at the base of my thumb (ie across my palm between the wound and the thumb joint). I'm able to use all my fingers but not my actual hand for gripping. My thumb also feels mildly tingly (but then again I have fibromyalgia so that could just be a red herring!)

I am tempted to ignore it and hope the sudden swelling goes down again but it seemed odd that my recovery has suddenly gone backwards. I was hoping I could find some anecdotal posts that implied this was normal CTS post operative recuperation but haven't been able to. With the weekend coming up I can't decide if it's best to pop in to my GP's today rather than risk adding more pressure to the nearest 24/7 drop in over the weekend if it carries on getting worse.

NB - I take a lot of medications on a daily basis for other conditions including Naproxen and Pregabalin. Since yesterday lunchtime I've started taking pain-killers again which I haven't done for my hand since the first few days after the op. I have 30/500 co-codamols and it's still hurting even with those.


That sounds like a new development rather than just lingering effects of the surgery so I would go and see a doctor with that. Much as I hesitate to add work for my GP colleagues, who are overstressed anyway at present, that would be the logical place to start. I guess you are unlikely to get to see your surgeon at the drop of a hat. JB

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