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I had CTS surgery 18 years ago in my left hand. Now I'm experiencing numbness and tingling in the same hand, a weakness in the hands resulting in the frequent dropping of things or a pain or burning sensations when moving up your arm. In fact, I first thought I'd broken a hand bone when it started. I'm not having that now. The tingling is constant but the sensation of numbness isn't. Are my symptoms CTS linked? Will physiotherapy treatment help for this? Please share your advice/suggestions.


CTS does sometimes recur after surgery and it usually is 10-20 years later so it could be the same problem. is the numbness and tingling in the right fingers for CTS, ie the thumb, index and middle predominantly? I wouldn't embark on physiotherapy without a diagnosis. As recurrence after earlier surgery is quite rare I think it deserves a full diagnostic work-up so I would go for nerve conduction studies and an ultrasound examination by someone knowledgeable about CTS, ideally also someone who has access to your records from 18 years ago. That may not be possible but it would be useful to know how bad the CTS was in objective terms before surgery when it comes to interpreting new results. JB

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