Post surgical success


Hello Doc, Just like to say my surgery was great. It was "a classic case", my surgeon noted. I was awake the entire time with only a local in my left arm and they wouldn't let me watch. The anesthesiologist took a image of the open incision and sent it to me by email. I found it extremely helpful to be awake for the procedure. When testing the anesthetic with a scalpel, I could let him know if the freezing had taken effect. He had to have closer local put in right by the incision sight. Just to let people know there really is no need for a general for CTS, well unless you are really scared but that shouldn't happen if the staff are good at their jobs. I was in pre-op when I found out Prince has died. We all discussed it all through the surgery. It was all low in the operating room. The only thing that was uncomfortable was the tourniquet above my elbow there to keep the freezing from entering my body cavity. The surgery lasted 15 minutes and post/preop was 2 hours. I had it done on a Thursday and I was back to work the following Monday, on slightly modified work; no lifting. I went golfing that weekend, albeit, one handed on a small iron course.
Anyway, have a read and let me know what you think of my CTS experience. I can't wait to get the right wrist done.


That's fairly typical and illustrates a few areas where practice varies

Some surgeons will let you watch

Some surgeons don't use a tourniquet

Some surgeons use an anaesthetic technique called a 'Biers block' which anaesthetises much more of the arm

It's worth waiting a frew weeks for the other hand, occasionally the second hand will get better when the first one is operated. JB

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