Computer mouse


Can anyone recommend a wireless mouse that helps carpal tunnel symptoms, please?

Denver Giles

My employers (who have been really supportive) recently got me the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 (also includes keyboard) which so far seems good. takes a little getting used to but should help long term. One other thing I have found is a mouse mat with built-in gel wristpad as this helps keep the hand and arm in a good position.


Although there has been several rather inconclusive studies of different keyboards there seems to be very little work on mouse designs. Even the keyboard studies frequently confuse carpal tunnel syndrome with other hand and wrist problems so it can be hard to know exactly which patients, if any, were actually gaining any benefit. There is thus no reliable evidence base and the only logical recommendations one can make are therefore things worked out from first principles. If your problem is actually CTS (get the diagnosis right first) then you need to keep the wrist in a fairly neutral position (ie not flexed or extended) and you need to keep grip forces down, so something which is well matched to the size of your hand, with well placed, light action, buttons, and which slides easily on your desktop would seem to be the thing to go for if you have to use a mouse extensively. That list of requirements probably means that it is going to be a matter of finding one that suits you personally rather than making a one-size-fits-all recommendation. It's also always worth thinking about alternatives such as touchpads, trackballs and pen/tablets. JB


If you are in UK, I recommend contacting your local JobCentrePlus. I work from home for an organisation and they have been fantastic. There are all sorts of gadgets and special kit and software. They came and assessed my office, demonstrated some options etc.They will recommend what will help most, and tell your employer what you need. I have had to move from a special keyboard & mouse, then a tablet pc, and now have to use voice recognition. But I can still do my job, which I thought impossible a couple of years ago!

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