up date for Dr Bland.

nigel watson

Dear Mr Bland after my treatment in late October i was asked to give some feed back in approx 2 months, I'm sorry that this is a little late.
I had two steroid injections ,one in each wrist, the left wrist i hardly felt any pain from the injection but the injection to the right wrist was quite painful.
The right wrist was quite painful to touch for almost a week and i still had tingling to my fingers all this time. When the tenderness had gone I found that I had a little numbness in my fingers in the morning and when performing small tasks such as holding a phone for a long time. This is still the case today.
The left hand has been the same as regard the tingling to the end of my fingers which is mainly apparent in the morning.
I have had no pain in either hand since the injections and I have not been woken up at all at night in pain.
In summary I believe that the injections have worked well and a little numbness in the morning is acceptable and manageable.
With respect I hope not to see you until about October of this year as I consider a duration of a year between visit a successful outcome.
With thanks ........Nigel.


Thanks for the update. Given that this is grade 4 CTS bilaterally that is a pretty good result overall. Get in touch as soon as it starts to deteriorate as I would not want it to go back to grade 5 again. JB

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