Advice Please

Pauline Cripps

Dear Dr Bland

I came to see you in April 2016 with mild tingling in both hands, the right hand being worse. As the months have gone on I now find that most days my right hand is uncomfortable with numbness most of the time. Occasionally it wakes me up in the night.
I have filled in another severity test and was wondering if I should come and see you again.

I await your reply,

Many thanks Pauline


Yes if it is subjectively deteriorating then we should consider whether to do anything more about it and I think a second set of NCS after 8-10 months are helpful in decision making so we will test you again. I'll send out an appointment tomorrow. JB

Edit - Booked for 8th March - letter in post

Pauline Cripps

Thank you, I will see you on the 8th March.

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