Book up for 2 ops


Hi Dr Bland

After recent consultation with you, i've decided to take your advice and book the 2 ops.

Left hand - 29th April

Right hand - 22th July

I've already discussed with Husband and employer and these dates work for us as I can get help during these periods

Best regards


I can book the 29th April slot but there are several problems with booking the right hand now for July - firstly we don't actually have operating lists that far ahead to book in, secondly my computer system does not allow one patient to have two bookings for the same procedure in process at the same time, and finally there is a possibility you may not want or need the second one done once the first side has been operated so we always hold off a decision on that until after the first surgery. We can generally find slots 2-4 weeks in advance so if we do need to book the July date we should be able to do that in June so long as the surgeon does not decide to take a holiday then. I'll book the April appointments and send you a confirmation letter. JB

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