PLEASE HELP- having trouble diagnosing overall pain in joints and muscles


I have been having issues with overall joint and muscle pain for the last year. I am seeing doctors in my area but no far no understanding of what is going on. I am no longer able to fully extend my arms because my elbow wont straighten. My arms, hands, fingers, knees, ankles, hips, spine and neck all are in constant pain. NSAIDS don't help. I have been sleeping in a brace for month on my dominant hand, because my GP thought I had Carpal Tunnel. In the last week my index finger on my dominant hand has swollen all over (not in joints, but more between joints). I can not bend it very well and it is difficult to use. My thumbs on both hand are sore and stiff but not obviously swollen. Pain from elbow to thumb. Hurts to touch feels, like my skin is burning. Tingling in fingers. Any thoughts on what this could be.
Thanks for your time!


I suppose 'not carpal tunnel syndrome' is the rather obvious comment, or at least not just CTS. It's not my field but it sounds more of a rheumatological problem - are you stiff for the first couple of hours in the morning? JB

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