6 weeks after injections

Suzanne Adams

I received steroid injections into both wrists on my appointment on 31 August 2017. So entering 6 weeks feedback as requested.

Immediate symptoms:
Within a couple of hours of injections both hands had swollen (it looked liked I had borrowed King kongs!). Immediate pain relived by paracetamol. Swelling took 2 days to subside, but no reoccurrence
Flash burns - On both arms just above the elbow joint - these took 3 days to disappear.

Follow on:
Injections seem to be doing job. Not waking up with "dead" hands and they appear to be a lot warmer. No pain during the night. Seems to have taken away symptoms suffering with. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

I am still taking the water tablets that were prescribed by the doctor. Should I still be taking these? Sorry forgot to ask once I had received the injections

All the very best S Adams :)


If the water tablets were given for the CTS then it should be fine to tail them off but check with your GP first. They have never been shown to work for CTS incidentally. JB


Thank you for the update. Do stay in touch and let us know if your symptoms change at all or if you need to come and see us again. EK

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