How long things should take?


I had an injection in my right wrist 20 days ago and I have seen some improvement in my Carpal Tunnel symptoms. The numbness is now not as frequent as it was as I can hold a book with my elbow bent now for more than 60 seconds without my fingers going numb, however I am still having some issues.
I am still getting a feeling of numbness in my fingers although not as extreme as it was previously and I am still getting pains in my wrist joint. I am also still having trouble gripping a pen and writing for more then a few sentences and sharp pains in my hand if I hit/catch my wrist on anything (which as I am quite clumsy is at least once a day.)
I have been trying to wear my splints that I have been given every night but sometimes I have woken up to find that I have taken them off.
Any help or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards


Sounds like a partial response to steroids. If it's still like that at 6 weeks post injection we should consider either a second dose or resorting to surgery. There are no other alternatives with any quality evidence behind them I'm afraid. JB



Thank you for the quick response. Will follow up later on

Thank you again.

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