Healings Time

Curtis Stevens

Do you think my incision area is healing nicely? It is still very tender. I had my sutures taken out 17 days after surgery. Today is post op day 33. Based on what I was reading on the web from the dermatology industry, I started putting Vaseline and Aquaphor on it constantly. Maybe started doing that a week or less after suture removal. I hope I am doing more good than harm. I don’t feel very optimistic after seeing videos of people’s post op surgery one month after. Theirs seem to be healed a lot further.

I have uploaded a picture. You can view it here:


Hand squeezed together some in this one:



Doesn't look bad to me, though I'm not a surgeon of course so not a connoisseur of incisions. Massage and moisturisation is widely believed to be good for these scars, though as usual there is little or no scientific evidence to support this view. The incision is quite short and does not extend as far up the wrist as the traditional cut but as long as the CTS symptoms have been relieved that is OK. JB 

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