6 weeks.


6 weeks since steroid injection in left wrist. Still a dull ache at base of thumb, no other symptoms or pain.


As this was a grade 4 I remain a little concerned about it. Can you add a new symptom severity questionnaire for me please (go the 'MyCTS' pages and look for the option). We might consider re-testing it to see how much impact we have had on it. JB


Dear Dr Bland
Apologises for missing your last post.
Its now been 3 months or so since the injection in my left hand, I am now getting more pain to both hands but especially the left hand with the pain in various positions around my fingers and up my arm to my shoulder, but I do not have pins and needles.
Different symptoms than last time !!
Will do the severity questionnaire now.
Regards Iain Hall


We should retest your nerves and then decide what to do next. I'll send you a new appointment in the post for a date in 4-5 weeks time. Please let us know if that is not suitable for you. EK

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