Symptoms post surgery


Hi I had my Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on my right hand 8 weeks ago and on the whole it has gone well. I have all movement back in my hand and can straighten my fingers. I still have some sensitivity in the scar area and massage the scar a few times a day. I also did my exercises as instructed.
I went back to work (as a typist) after 6 weeks, which I felt was ok, but I realise maybe should have been a "phased return".
I have noticed on waking on a couple of mornings my CTS symptoms seem to be there. This morning I woke with the tingling in both of my hands.I am supposed to have the left one done in a couple of months.
I know its difficult to know what is "normal" but I am worried that this may not have worked as well as I thought.
Has anyone else experience this?


That's actually quite an unusual story. The commonest patient report when the operation has not been done correctly is that symptoms are either the same or worse immediately after surgery but it sounds as though yours have been better for 6-8 weeks. If it is still beter than it was I would not worry too much at present. Do we know how bad the CTS was before surgery? Was any other treatment tried first and how did it respond to that? JB

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