The Triad

Triad sufferer

Delighted to find this website as I appear to have 'The Triad' of CTS, trigger finger and Dupuytren's. I've had one CTS operation which hasn't improved things much, and another, on the other hand, is offered. I also have diabetic neuropathy, and the podiatrist thought I had Dupuytren's Contracture as my ring fingers are particularly painful on both hands, and I can't straighten them - my feet also appear to have tendons that are contracting. Any ideas for how to deal with these problems, please?


I'm afraid when you have all three in the context of diabetes it's a pretty difficult treatment problem and you will need a  good hand surgeon - there's nothing much I can recommend for self help via the net, other than the information provided here on the site - sorry! I'll move this into one of the other forums shortly however as this one is intended for technical matters related to the website itself. JB

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