Not strictly CTS but....


I had an accident in the sea in Thailand 2.5 years ago and smacked a black spiny sea urchin so hard (accidentally) the spines went very deep all over the palm of my hand and in my wrist (some spines went right through). After lots of pain, I had surgery 5 months later where bits of spine were removed (these did not show on scans/x ray). The muscles in the web of my thumb wasted a fair bit after surgery. Not sure if a nerve was damaged during surgery or whether there are spines still stuck deep in my wrist but all this time later I have numb bits in various places, my ring finger is painful, the heel of my hand is painful, my wrist feels weird, I have horrible pain around my elbow and my inner upper arm feels horrble (like it has a tournique on it permanently).
I have it in my head that a bit of a spine is still irritating the nerve in my wrist causing all these other weird things.
My whole arm ranges from uncomfortable to super painful at times, waking me in the night.
I have had numerous scans where nothing conclusive is seen, also had NCT tests, the consultant I was seeing is reluctant to do more surgery for fear of making things worse but I feel depressed with the endless pain (2.5 years) that it, I just have to put up with it?
What to do?


A very unusual problem to say the least. If you have a copy of the NCS results that would be a good start for me to try and think about it. In terms of imaging I would expect utrasound to give the best impression of what is going on internally after that injury but there are very few people around who are expert in nerve ultrasound imaging. I suspect CT and MRI scans would be less informative - which have you had done? JB

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