Grip and take of motion post op


I'm about a year post ctr on both hands. Immediately after surgery I noticed that I could no longer really touch my thumb to my little finger. It will barely reach but there's no pressure behind it. I did squeeze ball exercises for a year and told the doc on follow-up. His reply was he wanted to wait and see if the nerves grew back. There's been no real progress. It's not debilitating but annoying. My grip did lose some strength and I dropped items more frequently. The dexterity wasn't quite the same. Anyone able to offer insight?


That may not be nerve related at all - was it weak in that way before surgery? The operation changes the structure of the wrist joint and moves the anchor points of some of the muscles which you use to oppose the thumb as well introducing a bunch of scar tissue into the area which may provide greater resistance so this could just be a mecanical side effect of the surgery. JB

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