Update following injections on the 15 December


Dear Dr.Bland
I saw DR.Scott-Russell yesterday at the William Harvey,she is 80-90%certain i have Rhumatoid Arthritis,will be seeing her again in 1 month for conformation.
I still have numbness in the top of my middle finger of my left hand,from the last joint to the tip,following my injections.
Also at the moment i have swelling on the outside joint at wrist,of both hands,affecting the end 2 fingers.
many thanks Carol Andrews


As we discussed in December it definitely sounds as though you have two or even three different diseases contributing to the hand problems. I note that you still have some loss of sensation in the finger but do you think there is any overall change in the symptoms after injection - for example you were waking quite often at night before injection - is that still happening? - it would be interesting to repeat the severity questionnaire on here to see if your scores have changed - it will only do the final bit of the questionnaire again. At least rheumatoid is much more treatable now than it used to be. JB

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