Hi Dr Bland
My right hand is really good after the operation do you have any news on the amyloid



It's just getting going really. We've been recruiting for about 6 weeks and so far almost every patient going for surgery who was eligible has agreed to take part - just one withdrawal so far and one where we failed to get the sample because the patient moved to a different operating list. Those people who agreed to participate are now just starting to filter through onto the surgery lists so we should begin to get some positive or negative answers over the next few weeks. I'll be having a talk to the team at the Royal Free about the most efficient way of notifying patients of the result of the biopsy - I suspect we will do a letter as that's still the most universally applicable way of contacting people. Overall I would like to have a cohort of several hundred people in the study so we should be doing this for some time. Glad to hear the hand feels better. JB 

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