Update of my CTS and a Question.

nigel watson

I have had CTS in both hands for many years and decided to have surgery on my left hand in Jan of 2018.
This turned out to be the best option for me.
I now have no pain in this hand or numbness and the condition in my right hand has improved on its own so much that I do not suffer any pain at night and only have tingling to it when holding a phone or cup to long. I can cope with this inconvenience at the moment and will continue to monitor it and inform you if it gets to bad.
The two middle fingers on my left had over the last 3 weeks hAve become stiff and lock down, I believe this is called trigger finger. I would like to know if you are able to help with this or should I see my GP.
Yours Faithfully Nigel


That does indeed sound like trigger finger, which is common in people with CTS - . I'm afraid we don't treat that but your GP should be able to arrange something. Some GPs can treat it themselves - it also responds to steroid injection. JB

nigel watson

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will now see my GP for advice.
I hope you are well Mr Bland .
Yours Respectfully Nigel.

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