using wrist splints 4 weeks from appointment


I have now been using both on right and left arm and it has taken all of the pain away at night time and I only experience some daytime pain in my right hand. Sofar a great improvement. Not sure whether this will have to be a permanent thing of having to wear splints but after 7 plus years of pain, it feels great. The only thing I have now is muscular pain in my upper arms both left and right and severe shoulder ache in my right. I put my shoulder out putting on a cardigan. Is this just a sign of weakness at the moment or related to carpal tunnel? Ibuprofen helps to take away the pain and as you said at the appointment if it is CT this would have no effect. All in all, splints have really helped me sofar, long may it last.
Thank you and could you please let me know whether I should go back to GP w.r.t shoulder problems to get referred back to you.


It does rather sound as though the shoulder may be something else so it would be worth consulting your GP again - I am no use with shoulders I'm afraid. I think it is probably not desirable to end up wearing splints indefinitely so if the CTS symptoms have subsided I would try the expriment of leaving them off for a week or two and see if it comes back. If it relapses as soon as you stop wearing them I would be inclined to try some more definite treatment. JB

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