6 Week Update following injections


Had injections in both wrists 6 weeks ago:

Right hand - generally has improved with only slight symptoms remaining, e.g. occasional numbness on waking (but not disturbing sleep) and very slight sensation in hand when pressure put on wrist.

Left hand - symptoms have improved apart from thumb, which is still tingling slightly at tip, and tingling sensation in hand when pressure put on wrist.

Can you please advise if I need to attend a follow up appointment please?

Many thanks.

Marie King


It depends whether you feel the residual symptoms at this point are severe enough to warrant further intervention. It souds as though they are both much improved so if you're happy with the current state of affairs we can just wait and see how long it is before the problem returns again. If you want to try and get rid of it altogether we could try a second steroid dose or of course one could always resort to surgery. JB


You already have an account on the website as "MarieK" so it looks as though you have created a second account to post this message. If I delete the new one these messages will be flagged as 'anonymous' which willl look a bit odd. We'll try to sort it out next time we see you. JB

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