numbness/pain and swellling in middle/ring fingers after surgery


I had open surgery 2 months ago and have had numbness/pain and swelling in middle/ring fingers. This was certainly not the problem prior to surgery. My doctor appears amazed that I have this problem since he states mostly 100% of his thousands of patients are satisfied "happy campers" with their results. I am very frustrated and am having a difficult time figuring out whether or not this is a permanent condition that I will now have to accept. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on what I could do to better this dreadful situation. Thanks


There is a page of this site devoted to the problem of analysing what has gone wrong when the patient is left dissatisfied with the outcome of carpal tunnel surgery. Most surgeons who actually look at their results in detail report a failure rate of about 5% so someone who has managed 'thousands' without coming across a fair number of problems is either remarkably succcessful or is not actually following up their patients very comprehensively. The first step in analysing your problem is to work out how likely it was that your initial symptoms were due to carpal tunnel syndrome - what were the symptoms before surgery, was it tested in any way, and were any other treatments tried before operation? JB

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