Complete numbness in hand 60 HR post-op


Hello! My husband underwent carpal tunnel release surgery this past Friday morning. He underwent a nerve block and has yet to regain any feeling in his hand. He’s a maxillofacial surgeon and this is his dominant hand, so it goes without saying that any complications will be devastating. And he was so worried about this surgery, it breaks my heart. He was prescribed steroids and told to ice it often.

How bad is his prognosis? I know it’s early, but he has COMPLETE numbness in his entire hand - we both know this isn’t normal. We’re both so worried. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


I guess what sort of nerve block is the first question? Usually carpal tunnel decompression only requires local anaesthesia.Where is this geographically speaking - it doesn't sound like UK practice? JB

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