Lorraine Bowen

The steroid injection initially dulled my symptoms to a more manageable level. Recently my right hand has become worse again.It is painfully numb 90% of the time and seems to be 'hovering' the rest of the time. Wrist braces seem to make it worse and are impractical for work - having said that, my hand is impractical for work anyway! If I cant get this sorted out I will lose/ have to leave my job. Driving is a problem now too.
Where possible I have adapted how I do things but some of the things I have to do for work can't be changed.
I am finding the current situation stressful and it's wearing me down now.
Please help!


Well it's nearly 6 months since we last looked at so the first thing I should do is see you again. I've found an appointment o 11th June and sent out an appointment letter. JB

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