Newbie with question regarding severe numbness


At night my middle finger especially and my ring finger, have pins/needles sensation so bad, they feel like they are going to explode. It wakes me up at night and takes awhile to get them back to being somewhat normal. Has anyone else had the problem of their finger(s) feeling like they are going to explode? Thanks much!


That is quite a vivid description of the symptoms but certainly could be CTS. Describing what you feel is often very difficult and patients use a wide variety of words to describe how the fingers feel in CTS. We assume, rather easily, that a stimulus that looks the same to an observer, actually feels the same, for example we assume that an electric shock is pretty much the same sensation for everyone, but of course we have no absolute way of knowing this, and judging by the different ways in which people respond behaviourally to what seems to be the same stimulus it may not be a valid assumption that we all feel things in exactly the same way. It is certainly true that many patients feel the night-time symptoms of CTS as something which is very unpleasant, whatever the precise sensation is. For diagnostic purposes what matters most is which fingers are affected as tingling and numbness should not affect the little finger in CTS, while pain can sometimes spread to the whole hand and arm. JB


Hi there
When i first became aware of something being wrong, thats exactly how i would have discribed it. but i had it in pretty much all my fingers. it ended up feeling as thou my whole hands were going to explode. I actually started to get worried that they really were going to explode in front of me,.

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