I feel like my life is over


I've been suffering for two months. Fortunately, my EMG -- which I could not finish, and hope never to repeat -- shows zero nerve damage and is negative for carpal tunnel syndrome. However, my doctor is confident that I do have carpal tunnel syndrome. Steroid injections relieve my symptoms for a few weeks, but now they're coming back.

My doctor does not want to perform surgery yet. He said I need to adapt and change my activities. He said I could have up to two steroid shots per year and perhaps in five, 10, or 15 years I will be ready for surgery.

I am 37. I am still young-ish and have energy and do not want to live at half speed. I enjoy long road trips, cycling, tennis, scuba diving (both wetsuits and drysuits must seal around your wrists, which causes compression). I do not want to struggle with this for many years.

I'm also worried because my doctor said that surgery may not be a cure, and my symptoms may return, and I may have to change my activities anyway.

I want to die.


Your symptoms are not especially typical of CTS and CTS is not the only thing that improves after steroid injection so some thought should be given to whether there mighht be a different diagnosis. JB

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