Follow up to Friday tests


Thanks for seeing me today, with Prof Mills. I look forward to hearing about the scan - my neck was quite painful after the tests. Will the results of the tests be available to the neurologist to whom I will be referred? I don't want to go through a third set of these tests if it is avoidable as I hope you will appreciate!

I am convinced there is some wasting in my right leg.




I spoke to one of the Thanet neurologists this evening and will try to make contact with Andrew Smith over the next few days. I will make sure that all your results from both examinations are made available to whoever sees you. There will be no need for further neurophysiology for the moment as we have pretty much covered everything that we can do now. Local pain after that high voltage stimulation should settle over 24-48 hours - essentially those shocks stimulate quite violent local muscle contraction so you can think of that as equivalent to an atlhetic/sporting 'strain'. I think you probably will need an MRI scan of the neck though, before we try to put this all together into a diagnosis JB.

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