Arm pain


HI there
I have had surgery recently for CTS on my right hand and I am on the waiting list for the left hand. It was complete success considering I have a prolapsed disc in my neck (C6-C7) we were unsure how surgery would go but it was fantastic.
My left hand wasn't so bad when I had test done last September (1 on scale 1-6) I have had quite a lot of symptoms on the left but the prolapsed disc is in the left side so we are unsure how much is the CTS & how much is the disc! Over past few days the symptoms in my left hand and arm have got very bad, most of my hand is extremely numb and painful but the pain is now extending right up my arm. It seems to be getting worse everyday. I suffered the same symptoms before my Foraminotomy op on my neck. Could this be the CTS or is it more likely to be caused by the neck? The arm pain has made my worry that it could be my neck. I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you for taking the time to read this
Kind regards


Could be either or both I think. We should repeat your nerve conduction studies. If they are getting worse then that would sway me in favour of it being primarily the wrist. We will arrange a new appointment for you as soon as we can. JB


OK thank you, thats great as the symptoms have got quite alot worse so that would answer the question.
Many thanks

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