Lower arm


Hi, just finnished filling the CTS questionaire and got a 67% score. I was given an I.D of 227016 but was wondering why there was no mention about pain in the arms, as I get so much sevre pain in my left arm that radiates down into my hand that it feels like my limb if on fire, this mainly happens during the night and can continue for some time. The other sensation I have experienced, is that of a electric shock in my left wrist, comes and go's as quick as it starts.
Regards Ronald Spice.


There are several questions in the final part of the questionnaire about pain. CTS pain however almost always includes the hand, though it can extend quite a long way up the arm - so pain that is ONLY in the arm and not in the hand is probably not CTS. We should test you anyway. I'll email you, JB

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