just diagnosed with CTS but a bit sceptical


i best start from the beginning.
15 years ago i had got a problem in my neck due to an arm extending holding under tention and than it being released suddenly.
i alway put it down to a trped nerve in my neck due to that movnent and so did my doctor.
3/4 years later when it didn't subside and seamed to flaere up frequently i seen my doctor again and they done an x-ray said then there was some slight detiration in my neck.
about 5/6 years ago it started to give trouble with pain in neck , soulders arm and my middle finger going withe ,pins and needles and numm.
so i had some neck strnthening physio secions just pre covid - which i must say didn't help at all.
after covid i got back to them and after some neuropathwat exsam they diagnosed me with CTS.
they keep avoiding my question about the CTS being secondary and my concers about my Neck causing it rather. they now saying to mt to treat the CTS first and if that dosnt work than to loojk at the Neck?????
i personaly can say from my expiriance that if my nech flais up my middle finger can go withe but not the other way arround.
i am now worried they concentrating on the wrong thing and a second oppinion be very much appiciated .
thank you


Do the symptom questionnaire here on the website and I'll take a look at the answers. Have you had an EMG carried out and if so do you have the results? JB

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