I have been told by my GP to fill out the questionnaire and answer questions on my CTS. I have had a rapid change in the numbness and grip for the worse in my left hand. Please reply with what I need to do now


Email me yiour details so that I know who to set up an appointment for. Full details can be found on this page of the site. JB

I have emailed you with all the information. Can I request an appointment as soon as possible please? The numbness and pain I am experiencing is getting worse very quickly. I did have CTS in my right hand. It wasn’t as bad as the numbness and pain I am experiencing in my left hand I did have surgery on the right hand and it was a great success I’ve never had any more problems with it. Unfortunately due to the problems I’m having in my left hand with my CTS I am having problems at work as a nursery nurse I need both of my hands in full working order as I’m sure you can appreciate. I look forward to hearing from you
Joanne badder

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