Stiff fingers post surgery 6 months


Hello, I am 6 months post carpal tunnel surgery. Within 2 months I began to notice fingers swelling slightly and less motion. Today I cannot make a fist (maybe 1/2 a fist) and hand cannot fully extend open either. So I am developing a nice "clubbed" hand. I have almost zero strength in the 1/2 fist I can make. Hurts to turn door knobs still.

I have been to PT many times, and work on flexing and stretching nearly daily in warm water. At age 58, I feel like I am loosing my right hand, and hoped to be not 100% after surgery + 6 months, but at least be on the upside and not in decline.

Is it time to see another surgeon, or just keep pushing with PT?

Thanks for any advice you could lend based on your years of possibly seeing such stiff fingers. (No trigger fingers diagnosed).



You're not diabetic by any chance? JB

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