symptoms worse


I attended your clinic about a year ago - I see that I completed the online questionnaire on 18/9. After nerve conduction studies on hands and foot and ultrasound scans, which led you to conclude that I had unusually sluggish nerve conduction in all limbs and suffered with CTS, I left with wrist splints and the instruction to get in touch again if the symptoms persisted. I continue to wear the splints at night, every night, and have not been woken by wrist or arm pain. However, the problem has not otherwise diminished in my right hand and has become quite a nuisance on the other side, with pain to the elbow usually several times a day. I have recently been undertaking more manual work though, I think, not an unusual amount by most standards. My biggest concern is that the situation may continue to worsen and that I may be causing myself some permanent damage. Your advice would be appreciated.


After a year we should make a new set of nerve measurements to see if anything has changed at all. I'll send out a new appointment. JB

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